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  • Do I have to wear a vest when I Wakesurf?
    Yes. Wearing a vest is mandatory when you wakesurf.
  • What is the difference between Surf and Skim?
    SURF-Style The "Surf" style is closer to ocean surfing in riding and board style, and it also incorporates some of the same tricks. A surfboard usually has more fins for extra traction, which allows for more aggressive but harder turns. They are mostly constructed with fiberglass or made of wood (like ocean surfboards) which makes the board feel lively, but also more susceptible to knocks and damage. SKIM-Stlye The "Skim" style uses mostly flat boards with very little rocker that turns very easily. The boards are compression molded, which makes them very durable, but also less lively. These boards are very similar to sea skimboards where riders toss the board to the shallow shores of the beach and rush to the oncoming wave breaking on the shore making a 180º-turn and riding it away. Skim style tricks combine skateboarding and wakeskating including technical spins, shuv-it and jumps.
  • Who can wakesurf?
    Anyone aged 6 or over who can swim and is willing to learn.
  • How long can a wakesurf trip take between departure and return to port?
    It takes a maximum of 2 hours for a wakesurf outing.
  • What time should I arrive for my session?
    It is recommended to arrive 10 minutes before the start of your session.
  • Can I take my board with me?
    Of course. Our boat has enough storage space.
  • Are subscriptions personal?
    No. Our subscriptions are not nominative. You can share it with your friends.
  • I have friends who want to accompany me but they don't want to wakesurf. Is it possible?
    Yes. As long as the number of passengers does not exceed the seating capacity of 15 people.
  • What is Wakesurfing?
    Using a specially made surfboard ranging from 120 to 180 cm in length, wakesurfing allows you to surf the wave generated by a motorboat designed for this activity. The propeller is safely located under the boat and away from the surfer. In addition ballasts can be quickly filled with water adding weight to the boat which changes the size of the wave. To start, the surfer holds a tow rope to get out of the water and using the thrust created by the wave, the surfer will find the "sweet spot" and finally drop the rope to surf the steep face below the peak of the wave generated by the boat. Unlike ocean surfing (where a wave only lasts 12-16 seconds), wakesurfing lets you ride the wave endlessly until your legs give out or the boat runs out of gas. Most sessions last an average of 15 to 30 minutes or more depending on your level of experience. The speed of the boat is much slower than traditional water sports ranging from 16 to 18 km/h. During a fall, the impact is soft and there is little risk of injury. Your "Goofy" or "Regular" position determines which side of the wave you are surfing.
  • Is Gowakesurf insured?
    Yes. Our school and our boat are insured.
  • Is there an expiration date on subscriptions?
    No. Our subscriptions have no expiry date.
  • How long do I have to count to hope to let go of the rope from scratch?
    On average, riders drop the rope in the first or second session but lose the wave quickly. Indeed, at first sight finding the "Sweet Spot" is not natural. After each session you will stay longer on the wave. But it all depends on the level of experience you have with other board sports that combine balance and muscle memory (skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.). Water sports experience is not required but helps to understand what it feels like to be towed. We have seen surfers get up on their first try, and others who have taken longer. No matter how fast you learn, our coach will be able to support you and ensure that you progress in your own way. .
  • What should I take with me?
    Bring your bathing suit/wetsuit, towel, something to drink and sunscreen. We provide tow ropes, boards and vests.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay after the session in cash, by TWINT or by credit card.
  • Can the boat's propeller pose a risk of injury since I'm wakesurfing close to the boat?
    No. Wakesurf boats have been specially designed to avoid precisely this type of injury. The propeller has been placed under the hull of the boat more towards the bow well out of reach of the surfer.
  • What is the difference between Goofy and Regular? How do I know?
    REGULAR position You wakesurf with your left foot forward on the port side (to the left of the wave). The majority of right-handers with their take-off foot contralateral to the dominant hand find themselves in the Regular position. GOOFY Stance You wakesurf with your right foot forward to starboard (to the right of the wave). The majority of left-handers with their take-off foot contralateral to the dominant hand find themselves in the Goofy position.
  • When are you open?
    We are open from the beginning of April until the end of October. If you're as keen on wakesurfing as we are, we'd love to get out early in the season and end it late with you. During the long summer days, sunrise and sunset dictate our opening and closing times.
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